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We cater for all scales of use of Pure Tung from the gun stock maker who may need only 500ml right up to horse stables which need a guaranteed non toxic finish and use oil by the 25 litres at a time.

Special Note for Bee Hives - Pure Tung oil is the recommended treatmant for Flow Hives.

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Any suggestion for coverage is a guess because some wood species are much more thirsty than others and second and subsequent coats will absorb less than the initial coat.

Rough sawn unsanded wood will use much more oilk.

Assuming a 50:50 thinning and work sanded to at least 240 grit, around 18 to 20 square metres per litre is indicated for new (or freshly sanded) work. More highly sanded finishes with second and subsequent coats will require far less oil.

After several coats coverages estimates become academic - many dozens of square metres to the litre.

Initial Coats: 18 to 20 square metres per litre of 50:50 mix
Subsequent Coats: 30+ square metres to the litre of 50:50 mix.


We supply all consignments from 5 litres and above in 5 litre plastic jerry cans. We fill these containers above the 5 litre mark to minimise the air present in the container. This means that for bigger jobs only one container need be open and exposed to the air at a time.

Please also be reassured that the propensity for Pure Tung to set up in the jerry can is nothing like that experienced with products containing added driers. Pure Tung also has a far longer storage life than products with artificial driers added. Kept cool, dry, unopened and out of the light Pure Tung can be stored for several years.

Packaging Available: 500ml bottles, 1 litre jerry cans, 5 litre jerry cans.