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To keep a floor finished with Pure Tung in good condition spot cleaning and local area touch ups may be required.

For high wear or repair areas touch ups can be routinely done with the same technique used to apply the oil at the outset. A major plus for Pure Tung Oil is that it can be touched up in this way as often as needed in areas of high wear without any problems of the old oil not living with newly applied oil and no build up of sticky oil. Very few if any modern floor finishes have this characteristic. Most modern urethane based varnishes have to be re sanded and done from scratch if repairs are needed.

We have customers with house dogs which corner at speed in an area of the house and the owners simply spot repair every few months and report excellent results. Membrane or skin finishes such as poly urethane simply cannot offer this ease of repair and maintenance.

Vacuum up any dust and grit. Damp mop areas with water marking and follow up immediately wiping dry with a soft cloth. For persistent grime or other areas which don't respond to a damp mop you can consider a proprietary floor cleaning product. Once the original tung has cured it is remarkably resistant to damage from spills and the like and a proprietary floor cleaner or use of a typical household cleaner should be fine.

Mix a 50:50 solution of Pure Tung and thinner (Citric Terpene is suggested) and using a pump spray spritz some oil on the repair area, wipe the oil over the area and after some minutes wipe dry exactly as the notes suggest for initial application.